An Experiment in Necessary Vanity


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Despite the fact that I’ve had an active online presence since late 2005, I was slow and reluctant to green-light a website like this with my real name, face, job history and bio. But here it is and here I am: Raquel Ivelisse Penzo, debuting on these internets without the protective cover of a pseudonym. It’s scary but it’s time.

I am a talented writer and entertainment critic, and if you’ve never heard of me it’s because I didn’t want you to. However, it’s selfish to continue keeping my talents under such tight wraps. It’s not conceited of me to admit this if it’s true.

In a few years, when you’ve finished the last page of my novel and get that fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach that only a really good book can give you, you’ll thank me for taking the plunge.

You’re welcome.

Raquel Ivelisse

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