For 2019… (This Might Look Familiar!)


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For all the notes that’re fit to print!

Guess who completely ignored all of her 2018 literary goals in 2018?? Right. Me. So while thinking of a wish list for 2019, I realized that my wants were basically the same. This post is pretty much a cut-and-paste situation, but you’ll read it and YOU’LL LIKE IT.

PUBLISH. Two anthologies and a zine in one year proved to be A LOT, and all were well-received, but I want this next year to be about my own projects. It’s time to be selfish!

HOST TWO WRITING WORKSHOP INTENSIVES. Look for those in January & April. You’re welcome.

HOST A WRITING RETREAT. I’m finally able to make this happen (with a lot of help from a great team) so HAZZAH for me!

READ AT FOUR NEW EVENTS/VENUES/SERIES. I -STILL- need to get my name out there more. If you know of an event, drop me a line.

FIND A HOME FOR THREE SHORT STORIES. My poor stories have -STILL- been abandoned as I chased my tail running La Pluma y La Tinta; for real, next year, it’s time to get them placed.

FIND A HOME FOR FIVE POEMS. I have a chapbook to promote so it would be great to see some of my new(ish) poems published individually, too.

HOST A LITERARY PANEL. This is also already in the works, so another HAZZAH! for me.

A SUCCESSFUL PLUMA Y TINTA SEASON. Guess who already has her full 2019 season booked (minus three one-off events)? ME, SUCKA!

FIVE NEW EDITORIAL CLIENTS. Momma has TWO BABIES IN COLLEGE and also wants to move into a roomier apartment in NYC so I needs some MOOLA! Are you working on a book? HIRE ME! (Special package deal available for poetry chapbooks, FYI)

A FUN GALA/CELEBRATION OF OUR TENTH SEASON. I’ve gone back and forth on this but you know what? A decade in the game is a big deal. We’re gonna party. Let’s party. And raise money to keep this train running for at least another decade.

What’s on your plate for 2019?

Raquel Ivelisse

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