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When your list of BOOKS TO WRITE is longer than the word count of any of the books on said list, there’s a problem. And every month I come here and swear to you, the reader, that I have a solution and am newly motivated and that everything will get done now, now, NOW.

Basically, I’m a liar. But I don’t want to be. So, with that in mind…

NEW DEADLINE ALERT: December 25, 2017. That’s when I’ll have a finished thesis, novel draft, and two chapbook drafts. It’s not a lot; most of this is just editing and revising; I’m sure I’ve said this before. There’s very little writing to do. I’m just having finish-line anxiety, and it’s quite annoying.

My last Pluma y Tinta event is happening later this month, and while I am busy planning for next year’s roster, I’ll have a lighter load after October 26. PLENTY OF TIME TO FINISH MY WORK.

Hold me to it; if you see me slacking off, call me on it. Remind me that Christmas is RIGHT THERE. And if I miss my deadline… then I can’t have Christmas. Plain and simple.

What are your end-of-the-year projects?

Raquel Ivelisse

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