New Year, Same Me. Just Older and a Little More Organized.


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This is the third year that I’ve decided to hand my life over to a Passion Planner, but only the first year I’ve decided to use it seriously.

Scheduling whatever I can.
Decorating pages.
Using the grid + blank sheets in the back.
Consulting it daily.

I’m a firm believer in WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN, and putting appointments in my phone doesn’t have the same pizzazz. And I live for pizzazz.

In fact, besides being #ClutterFreeIn2018, I think my word(s) for the year will be PIZZAZZ and AUDACIOUS.

Because despite the doubts that still live in me, and a penchant for slothiness, I will my year to embody both.

What’s in store for you?

Raquel Ivelisse

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