On Deadline: “How To Grieve” Due 10.24.18


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Sometimes, the only way to get things done is to turn on a countdown clock. So here we go:

When Papi met my daughter for the first time xo

I have a chapbook, How to Grieve: Getting Through What You Never Thought You’d Get Through, that I wrote on the flights to and from my Papi’s funeral two years ago. Literally wrote this thing over four days. But I wrote it longhand, which means now I have to relive all that raw pain as I type and organize my tear-soaked words.

Still, I can’t dwell on how sad I’m going to feel working on this book, and instead just get the draft DONE, then shop it around to the small presses and/or self-publish it.

Why this book? Well, I have to put something out–my last book was in 2012 and I already despise it–so it time. It’s BEEN time. And I’d love for that book to come out in April, on the anniversary of Papi’s death.

I owe Papi and Grandma the world; the least I can do is get a book out in a timely fashion for them, no?

What projects are you on deadline for?

Raquel Ivelisse

*PS- that date happens to be Grandma’s birthday. Gosh I miss them to pieces!

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