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These are the books we’re reading this summer. How many have you read?

This is not a complaint post; y’all know I thrive on having all of the things on my TO DO list.

And this isn’t a braggy post; I’m a humble bitch. Shut up.

This is just a, “hey, there’s some stuff I’m doing this month, and it might interest you, so here it go!”

1. A couple of weeks ago I noticed an article about Mil Mundos, a new bookstore in Bushwick, and a copy of PĂ©inate was in the photograph. So of course I had to share it around and follow the shop on social. And now I’m meeting with the owner to get a tour and discuss future collaborations and to work out the details of an event on June 27.

2. One of our Pluma writers is getting a book published and asked ME to write her a blurb for the back cover. AYYYYYYY. I’m glad to do it!

3. On June 19, I have another DECLARACIONES chat happening at Word Up Books in Washington Heights, as part of Uptown Stroll.

4. June 22 MERMAID PARADE. Not book-related. Just something I love to do. There’s also Alvin Ailey on the 16th and Swan-Motherfucking-Lake on the 22nd. We cultured n shit.

5. I’m working on… finishing my ENFERMOS short story collection. Due JUNE 29, so that I can enjoy the Do the Right Thing block party (June 30) in peace, knowing I’ve accomplished my goal for the month.

6. I’m hosting three CLASSICS CHATS on IG Live, where we discuss books we should all have read by now (see photo); you should join in.

7. Just yesterday I agreed to perform at the 5th anniversary of Word Cabaret in Red Hook (June 16). Details soon come.

8. A recommitment to Beach Weekends. The weather hasn’t been on my side but I don’t care. Being indoors in the summer seems disrespectful somehow.

9. I read a whole ass book this month, and it’s only June 6! This hasn’t happened since February. How exciting!

10. Starting up some cooking lessons for my wee lass, who is home from college and asked for help in becoming more culinarily-literate. Maybe I should document this on social?

I had hoped to add a link to my latest published short story, but it appears the editors are dragging their butts? I don’t know? Maybe just follow me on IG where I usually talk about these things. I’m serious about getting as much writing and reading done as I can this year. I thought I could do less Pluma events in order to achieve that but alas. I don’t mind, though. Better busy than bored and reckless!

What are you up to this month?

Raquel Ivelisse

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