The Novelist As Poet


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When all you know is stories, writing a poem be like
hoping for pretty words to leap from your pen into a journal
like forcing yourself to cry so that the tears can birth a feeling

it be like 3am staring contests with computer screens
and drinking wine alone in a cold 2nd floor apartment
like letting old sitcoms play in the background, for “inspiration”

it be like picking a fight with the world
just to have something to talk about
like eating everything that’s bad for you and then getting mad that you’re sick

it be like playing mahjong on a laptop
and free cell on a desktop
and like posting fake pictures on Instagram to look like a real writer

it be like getting real close to your goal
then finding a reason to stop

it be like not wanting to win
then feeling sorry for yourself when you lose.

Writing a poem is a lot like this.

Raquel Ivelisse
*from my upcoming poetry collection, Life’s a Song

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