What Am I Actually Doing?


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All the stories on here… what are they for?

I had planned to move my novel forward (yet again) in January, but when my actual desire to do that didn’t manifest, I had all these questions.

Mainly, what is my end game? Am I going to run Pluma y Tinta forever? Will I finish a novel? My story collection? Switch to memoir or poetry? What is my end game?

SURPRISE! I’m a writer who’s questioning everything she’s ever done, and wondering what her future holds. I have zero answers.

In the meantime, I’m going to read a bunch of books. Maybe others’ art will make me produce my own. Also, I’m gonna keep faking it til I make it. You can watch this act next Thursday, February 8, for The Ex-Files: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Reading.

What are YOU doing?

Raquel Ivelisse

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